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The Department of Disability Studies was set up as the Disability Studies Unit in July 2012 by Senate and Council. The National Commission Persons with Disability (KNPD) together with the Department of Social Policy and Social Work of the University of Malta worked closely in the foundation of this Unit. The Disability Issues study-units that were delivered by KNPD since 1993 have now been incorporated within the Department of Disability Studies. At undergraduate level, the Department of Disability Studies offers study-units to the different Faculties at the University of Malta in a bid to expose students and future professionals to the challenges that disabled people face in all walks of life. This is done from both a theoretical and experiential perspective through the involvement of disabled people in the delivery of the lectures. Another undergraduate course, starting in February 2016, is the Certificate Course in Community Access for Disabled People. The programme of study is based on three years of study with exit awards for each year that, at the end of the three years, can lead up to a Higher Diploma. The course is intended for those who need a sound and extensive understanding of disability issues. The course caters for students who, while they have attained the requisite level of education, may need support to update or enhance their study skills. At postgraduate level, an M.A. in Disability Studies course was established and the first group of students have completed their studies in 2015. This course was designed by a group of disabled and non-disabled academics from different disciplines. The Department of Disability Studies also offers a preparatory program which was launched in 2013 for health and social care professionals with a Diploma to enable them to obtain the necessary credentials that would make them eligible to enrol on the MA in Disability Studies course. Various faculties are collaborating with the Department to explore possible interdisciplinary disability-related research projects both locally and internationally. The Department of Disability Studies is also part of the Academic Network of European Experts on Disability (ANED) of the European Commission DG Justice which, until March 2013, had been represented upon by the National Commission Persons with Disability (KNPD). We welcome any queries about the Department and its initiatives. Kindly click here to contact us. Although we are part of the Faculty for Social Wellbeing, our office is situated on the ground floor of the Faculty of Laws, Room 114.


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