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Title: An overview of the Staphylinidae (Insecta: Coleoptera) of the Maltese islands
Authors: Farrugia, Lucia Anna
Keywords: Insects -- Malta
Beetles -- Malta
Staphylinidae -- Malta
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Farrugia, L.A. (2019). An overview of the Staphylinidae (Insecta: Coleoptera) of the Maltese islands (Master's dissertation).
Abstract: A taxonomic account is provided for the Staphylinidae of the Maltese Islands. All published information available to date on Maltese staphylinids was reviewed. Hence a checklist of the staphylinid fauna of Malta is also included. Global distributions of all recorded species were provided and nomenclature updated where relevant. The main collections of Maltese Staphylinidae were also reviewed and collection data included when available. Two hundred and thirty-four staphylinid species were noted to occur in Malta, thirty two of which are here recorded for the first time from this territory. The new records include: Proteinus cf. brachypterus, Micropeplus staphylinoides, Phloeocharis sp, Aleochara binotata, Amischa leporina, Atheta inermis, Notothecta inflata, Falagria sulcatula, Myllaena dubia, Phytosus balticus, Leptotyphlopsis sp., Anotylus tetracarinatus, Octavius vitalei, Cephennium sp. 1, Cephennium sp. 2, Euthia sp., Scydmoraphes sp., Pseudoeudesis sulcipennis lampedusae, Gynotyphlus perpusillus, Astenus pallidulus, Astenus (Eurysuinus) sp., Leptobium gracile, Procirrus lefebvrei, Heterothops minutus, Cafius cicatricosus, Neobisnius lathrobioides, Philonthus carbonarius, Philonthus quisquiliarius, Quedius pallipes, Leptacinus intermedius, Stenistoderus nothus and Xantholinus morandi. Three subfamilies: Phloeocharinae, Osoriinae and Euaesthetinae are also recorded for the first time locally. Thirteen species that were previously recorded from Malta: Euplectus brunneus, Sepedophilus littoreus, Sepedophilus pedicularius, Aleochara intricata, Myrmecopora minima, Alevonota gracilenta, Geostiba muscicola, Oligota nr. picipes, Bledius mulsanti, Carpelimus punctipennis, Astenus procerus, Achenium brevipenne and Scopaeus (?) bicolor are hereby removed from the staphylinid fauna of Malta as they are either highly unlikely to occur in Malta or were recorded erroneously. The global distribution of all species recorded was also included. Six species: Amaurops mifsudi, Faronus rica, Alevonota melitensis, Geostiba melitensis, Astenus gattoi and Astenus walker are noted to be endemic to Malta. Overall, 9.6% of recorded species were noted to be endemic or subendemic; 12.0% or species are of Mediterranean distribution; 12.4% of species have a restricted distribution, 35.5% of species have a wide geographical distribution, while 26.5% of species have a subcosmopolitan or cosmopolitan distribution.
Description: M.SC.RURAL&ENV.SCI.
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