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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Editorial [International Journal of Emotional Education, 12(2)]Cooper, Paul; Cefai, Carmel
2020Practitioners’ perceptions, attitudes, and challenges around bullying and cyberbullyingSamara, Muthanna; Da Silva Nascimento, Bruna; El Asam, Aiman; Smith, Peter; Hammuda, Sara; Morsi, Hisham; Al-Muhannadi, Hamda
2020School environment as a mediating variable between family support and social wellbeing in high school studentsFlores-Verduzco, Guadalupe Refugio; Fraijo-Sing, Blanca Silvia; Tapia-Fonllem, Cesar Octavio
2020“It’s hard to be everywhere” : teachers’ perspectives on spatiality, school design and school bullyingHorton, Paul; Forsberg, Camilla; Thornberg, Robert
2020Decision-making in teaching processes and the role of mood : a study with preservice teachers in GermanyKumschicka, Irina Rosa; Thielb, Felicitas; Goschinb, Camilla; Froehlichc, Eva
2020Regulating emotions and learning motivation in higher education studentsAlonso-Tapia, Jesús; Abello, Diana M.; Panadero, Ernesto
2020Responsible decision making as primary school children move into adolescenceDotsenkoa, Eugeny L.; Startsevaa, Vera A.; Pchelinaa, Olga V.; Karaberovab, Elena V.; Ivantsovab, Natalya
2020Gratitude moderates the relationship between happiness and resilienceLlenares, Ian I.; Deocarisb, Custer C.; Espanolac, Marjorie; Sariod, Jay A.
2020Book reviews [International Journal of Emotional Education, 12(2)]Cowie, Helen; Miljević-Riđički, Renata; Malikiosi-Loizos, Maria; Buckley, Karyn
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 9 of 9