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Title: For the love of ants
Authors: Cassar, Thomas
Keywords: Insects
Ants -- Ecology
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: University of Malta
Citation: Cassar, T. (2020). For the love of ants. THINK Magazine, 31, 44-45.
Abstract: Some ants’ tendency to ‘farm’ aphids (plant sap-sucking insects) for their sweet honeydew is decades-old knowledge. Cynics use this phenomenon to downplay the achievements of humans: look, an animal the size of a sesame seed had mastered agriculture long before human beings. But aphids aren’t alone in this world of ant-coexistence. There’s a specialised group of animals which ignore the opinion of disgruntled roommates worldwide, seeking out the company of others. These are the myrmecophiles, literally ‘ant-lovers’. Such a phrase may conjure up an image of a great expert, maybe someone like the American biologist E. O. Wilson, pouring over an anthill (that would be a myrmecologist). Myrmecophile is an organism that just can’t live without ants.
ISSN: 2306-0735
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Think Magazine, Issue 31

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