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Title: Managers’ attitudes to illicit drug testing in the workplace
Authors: Vella, Noel
Gauci, Mark
Keywords: Employees -- Drug testing -- Malta
Drugs and employment -- Malta
Issue Date: 1998
Publisher: Maltese Medical Journal
Citation: Maltese Medical Journal. 1998, Vol. 10(1), p. 27-30.
Abstract: The aim of this study was to collect data regarding managers’ views on the need to introduce drug testing at work and on the employment prospects of illicit drug users by means of a self administered questionnaire. A slight majority of managers (258, 56.5%) favoured the introduction of pre-employment drug testing with a smaller proportion (219, 47.9%) in favour of testing during employment. Practically none of the respondents (1.1%) was willing to employ a current illicit drug user and less than half (41.6%) were willing to employ a person with a past history of drug use. An increased willingness was noted among managers of younger age groups and in larger companies to employ past drug users. These results indicate that there is the possibility that work place drug testing may be used as a tool to discriminate against workers suffering from drug abuse rather than to offer opportunities for rehabilitation of the individual. The findings highlight the urgent need for the establishment of guidelines to be followed during drug testing in Malta by the appropriate statutory authority, since suitable legislation is absent.
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