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Title: The violation of Palestinian children's rights by the Israeli Government during the Second Intifada : an analysis of human rights violations
Authors: Al Hazin, Elias Jeries (2004)
Keywords: Human rights
Arab-Israeli conflict
Children's rights
Issue Date: 2004
Citation: Al Hazin, E. J. (2004). The violation of Palestinian children's rights by the Israeli Government during the Second Intifada : an analysis of human rights violations (Master's dissertation).
Abstract: All children have the right to live a normal childhood full of joy and happiness with respect and human dignity. They have the right to reach their potential through support of their physical, intellectual and emotional development, regardless of age, gender, religion, race and political background. During the Second Intifada, Palestinian children's childhood has not been different than any past childhood since the Israeli occupation to Palestine. In fact, all of them have something in common; growing up under occupation and facing humiliation. During the occupation, Palestinian children have witnessed and experienced various forms of human rights violations imposed by the Israeli military. This childhood was oppressed, terrorized and daily humiliated. The Israelis have been showing the world the image that these children are misused and are used as human shields; also they went further to say their families send them to be killed because they do not value their children's lives. This is an unproven fictitious accusation. Families value the lives of their children, but the excessive use of force and the irresponsibility from the Israeli side led to a huge number of fatalities and injuries among children. The modification behind choosing this topic as the title of my dissertation is the fact that human rights violations are taking place in the Palestinian Territories where children have been traumatized because of the various violent acts imposed by the Israeli military. In fact, many of these children have witnessed a death incident, got arrested or witnessed an arrest of one of their family members. They have also witnessed the killing of other children in different places whether by accident or deliberately. Therefore, the purpose of the dissertation is to highlight some of these violations committed against Palestinian Children in the middle of an armed conflict where they are facing the greater difficulties in securing their rights. These violations include the right to life, the right to liberty and security, the right to be free from torture and other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment, and finally the right to education.
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