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Title: Malta and Sicily : an overview of their cognominal kinship
Authors: Cassar, Mario
Keywords: Malta -- Foreign relations -- Italy -- Sicily
Names, Personal -- Malta
Names, Ethnological -- Malta
Names, Personal -- Italy -- Sicily
Names, Ethnological -- Italy -- Sicily
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: University of Malta. Junior College
Citation: Cassar, M. (2021). Malta and Sicily : an overview of their cognominal kinship. Symposia Melitensia, 17, 65-80.
Abstract: The geopolitical, cultural and religious connections between Malta and Sicily have been extensively reviewed by several historians and ethnographers. In my case, I would like to back up this manifest bond in a collateral way. In fact, the aim of this paper is to enhance the long-standing ties between the two neighbouring islands via the scrutiny of their overlapping cognominal pool. The number of Sicilian surnames in Malta is simply staggering; however, Maltese surnames are equally discernible in Sicily. Thereby, this cross-fertilization of family names has undoubtedly been a two-way affair. The conditions and circumstances underlying this intriguing process are therefore worthy of examination.
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SymMel, 2021, Volume 17
SymMel, 2021, Volume 17

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