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Title: The Europeanisation of social democratic parties in Mediterranean states
Authors: Ellul, Adrian Dominic (2020)
Keywords: Socialist parties -- Malta
Socialist parties -- Cyprus
Partit Laburista (Malta)
Kinēma Sosialdēmokratōn EDEK (Cyprus)
European Union -- Malta
Political party organization
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Ellul, A. D. (2020). The Europeanisation of social democratic parties in Mediterranean states (Master’s dissertation).
Abstract: The aim and research purpose for this dissertation is to provide new insight on the Europeanisation processes in ideologically similar political parties from small Mediterranean States. The main rationale and research purpose of this study is to analyse the impact of the Europeanisation processes on Social Democratic parties in the Mediterranean region, and whether this integration process facilitates or constrains the operations of Social Democratic parties. To investigate this, a comparative analysis using Ladrech’s (2002) research framework for the Europeanisation of political parties was used, with a quantitative method of study being carried out by the researcher. Malta’s Partit Laburista and Cyprus’ Movement for Social Democracy were chosen by the researcher to be studied using the aforementioned research framework. This research framework assesses five distinct dimensions for Europeanisation: programmatic change, organisational change, patterns in party competition, party-Government relations and Relations beyond the National Party system. National political parties were contacted by the researcher and asked to provide all documents considered to be relevant in the scope of this research, with such provision being mainly comprised of party statutes and electoral manifestos. The results obtained have shown that both political parties have gone through a significant and tangible process of Europeanisation. This main finding contradicts what was said by other academics such as Mair (2000). Other analysis has shown that there was a considerable effect of Europeanisation on political systems, mainly through the creation of a European dimension in national politics and the creation of new political structures to support national political parties in their EU-related operations. The researcher suggests that areas for further research can use Ladrech’s (2002) research framework to assess the Europeanisation of national political parties on the basis of political ideologies, geographical region, and geographical size of the country. These variables might aid future researchers to elucidate the different processes that drive Europeanisation in practice.
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