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Title: X'se naqraw das-sajf? : Programmes 1-18
Other Titles: Prog 1 : Trevor Zahra
Prog 2 : Claire Azzopardi
Prog 3 : Mark Camilleri
Prog 4 : Dr Chris Gruppetta
Prog 5 : Noel Tanti
Prog 6 : Prof John Portelli
Prog 7 : Keith Azzopardi
Prog 8 : Andre P. Debattista
Prog 9 : Dr Michelle Attard Tonna
Prog 10 : Dr Norbert Bugeja
Prog 11 : Christina Calleja
Prog 12 : Simon Bartolo
Prog 13 : Michael Buhagiar
Prog 14 : Claudia Gauci
Prog 15 : Rita Pace
Prog 16 : Prof George Cassar
Prog 17 : Vince Fabri
Prog 18 : Konklu┼╝joni - Joseph Mizzi
Authors: Grech, Sergio
Keywords: Books -- Reviews
Summer reading programs
Issue Date: 2020-05
Publisher: Campus FM
Citation: Grech, S. (Producer & Presenter ). (2020). X'se naqraw das-sajf? [Radio series]. Malta: Campus FM
Abstract: A series produced and presented by Sergio Grech who invites his guests to suggest books to read during the summer months.
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