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Title: The Middle East peace process : the history and prospects of the Oslo accords
Authors: Elvatun, Knut (2001)
Keywords: Arab-Israeli conflict
Politics and war
Middle East
Issue Date: 2001
Citation: Elvatun, K. (2001). The Middle East peace process : the history and prospects of the Oslo accords (Master's dissertation).
Abstract: To fully understand the Israeli - Palestinian conflict, it is essential to go back in history and find causes to the current conflict. To find the appropriate time at which to start, however, might not be as easy to determine. One of the major undertones in the conflict is religious, and religious texts are sited as claims and reasons for claims. The Middle East is the cradle of civilization and the birthplace of three of the major religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The two peoples in the conflict, the Jews and the Arabs, are also closely related, at times being referred to as 'cousins' with a common forefather in Abraham. Although some place great significance to these historical aspects, this thesis will depart at a much later stage in history, more precisely in the 1880' s. At this time neither Israel nor Palestine existed, as the land was ruled by the Ottoman Empire. The two peoples did, however, have visions of this land. The Palestinians saw it as the land that they had been cultivating for generations and had a legitimate right to. The Jews saw it as the dream they had longed for throughout centuries of persecution.
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