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Title: ReThjink 2 : Programmes 1-13
Other Titles: Prog 1 : What’s your face worth - Professor Alexiei Dingli (1)
Prog 2 : What’s your face worth - Professor Alexiei Dingli (2)
Prog 3 : Plant based diets - Professor Suzanne Piscopo
Prog 4 : Public Health Priority - Sarah Cuschieri
Prog 5 : Time to Evolve – Dr Odette Lewis
Prog 6 : For the price of a coffee – Prof Mary Anne Lauri
Prog 7 : Ten Years of Jellyfish Spotting - Alan Deidun
Prog 8 : Dare to THINK - Mental Health Tips - Dr Paulann Grech
Prog 9 : The Bold World of Bees - Prof David Mifsud
Prog 10 : Designing Success - Ms Daniela Quacinella
Prog 11 : What is the Internet? - Gareth Mitchell
Prog 12 : How does digital media affect our children? - Velislava Hillman
Prog 13 : ReTHINK Roundup - David Mizzi and Nika Levikov
Authors: Mizzi, David
Keywords: University of Malta
University of Malta -- Activities
Issue Date: 2020-10
Publisher: Campus FM
Citation: Mizzi, D. (Producer). (2020). ReThink 2 [Radio series]. Malta: Campus FM
Abstract: A programme that revisits past articles from the University of Malta’s Think magazine, looking at the pioneering work featured in the past and catch up with the research done since to see how far they have come. Produced and Presented by David Mizzi, Editor Think Magazine.
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