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Title: ‘White flour, white sugar, white rice, white salt’ : barriers to achieving food and nutrition security in Kiribati
Authors: John Paul Cauchi, John Paul Cauch
Bambrick, Hilary
Correa-Velez, Ignacio
Moncada, Stefano
Keywords: Food security -- Kiribati
Nutrition -- Kiribati
Food habits -- Kiribati
Food -- Kiribati
Food supply -- Kiribati
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Cauchi, J. P., Bambrick, H., Correa-Velez, I., & Moncada, S. (2021). ‘White flour, white sugar, white rice, white salt’: Barriers to achieving food and nutrition security in Kiribati. Food Policy, 101, 102075.
Abstract: Food security is identified as one of the main challenges for the 21st century. In the Pacific islands this is especially the case due to natural, topographical, social, environmental, and economic constraints and the influence of globalisation that has forced many populations to resort to imported food. While hunger is rarely experienced by households, poor nutrition leads to a considerable noncommunicable disease burden. The effects of climate change will further exacerbate food security challenges in the region. Kiribati has one of the highest prevalence rates for obesity, diabetes and hypertension anywhere in the world. While past studies have explored regional and state-level food security challenges, there is comparatively little literature on household-level decision making processes related to food. Through focus group discussions and semi-structured interviews, we identified several themes describing challenges to achieving food security in the island nation, including several environmental challenges that hinder food security. We also include some policy recommendations based on these findings. These challenges and policy recommendations may be applicable to other atoll island communities in the Pacific and other remote coastal communities worldwide.
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