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Title: The Hospitaller commandery of the Santissima Trinita of Ferrara 1680-1790 : religious and economic aspects
Authors: Vassallo, Ivan (2011)
Keywords: Knights of Malta -- Malta
Order of St John -- Malta
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: Vassallo, I. (2011). The Hospitaller commandery of the Santissima Trinita of Ferrara 1680-1790 : religious and economic aspects (Master’s dissertation).
Abstract: This dissertation is about the Commandery of the Santissima Trinita in Ferrara. The period in focus spans 110 years, between 1680 and 1790. This is not an arbitrary period of time. It reflects the available primary sources in Malta. It is an interesting period leading to the virtual suppression of the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem in many places. The commandery system of the Order, grown from the carefully managed endowments and patronage of its benefactors over almost 6 centuries, was the resource backbone of the Order. The system provided all the resources required, money, recruits and temporal power through seigniorial rights and influence. The sudden upheaval brought on by the French Revolution and the ensuing loss of so many commanderies weakened the Order immeasurably. The consequences are well known. The present dissertation gives some insight into the management of just one of these commanderies. A small commandery of the Grand Priory of Venice, situated within the city of Ferrara, a Legation of the Pope. During the period under discussion, the Counter Reformation had rallied the power of the Roman Catholic Church and the Order as a Military Religious Order of the same church was well established and enjoyed privileges and exemptions of its own. However, not all was well.
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