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Title: Conservation issues with respect to the natural heritage : the case of four Mediterranean islands
Authors: Refalo, Jane (2008)
Keywords: Nature conservation
Conservation biology -- Mediterranean Region
States, Small
Environmental policy
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: Refalo, J. (2008). Conservation issues with respect to the natural heritage : the case of four Mediterranean islands (Master's dissertation).
Abstract: This dissertation tests the hypothesis that small Mediterranean islands are facing severe environmental threats which harm habitats with living organisms and that such threats are to a large extend anthropogenic. Four case-studies from different parts of the Mediterranean Sea were chosen; that are Menorca from the Balearic Islands, the Maltese Islands, Naxos from the Cyclades group of islands of Greece and Vis from the Dalmation islands off the coast of Croatia. It was found that the aspects of the environment mostly affected are landscape aesthetics and terrestrial ecosystems as a result of poor urban planning and excessive construction, the air which is being polluted by the burning of fossil fuels for electricity generation and transport, coastal seas and marine living resources by sea transport residue, wastes and over fishing. The mam constraints include lack of enforcement of environmental laws, excessive dependency on mass tourism, inefficient technology and know how and a shortage of resources. especially when dealing with problems such as sea pollution and oil spills. Some conclusions are put forward such as more pro action towards the conservation of biodiversity, the plantation and protection of trees, environmental education, the embarkation of environment-friendly business opportunities and the promotion of stewardship especially through integrated coastal zone management.
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