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Title: Managing hunting and trapping in the Maltese Islands
Authors: Mifsud, Mark C. (1995)
Keywords: Hunting -- Malta
Trapping -- Malta
Wildlife management -- Malta
Issue Date: 1995
Citation: Mifsud, M. C. (1995) Managing hunting and trapping in the Maltese Islands (Master's dissertation).
Abstract: Hunting and trapping in the Maltese islands are two human activities at the centre of much debate. On the one hand the anti hunting - lobby deplore the way hunting and trapping occur in the Maltese islands while on the other hand, hunters state that their hobby is part of local tradition and is there only pastime. The introduction of this work gives a general overview of the situation present in the Maltese islands with regard to the issue of bird hunting and trapping. The work discusses the history of bird hunting and trapping in Malta and the arguments put forward by hunters , trappers and environmental groups on the issue. It then analyses the manner in which the 1993 bird hunting and trapping regulations came into being. Interviews were held with a number of key persons involved ill the issue and discussions were held with a group of hunters and a group of hunters' children. In addition, a questionnaire was sent to all Local Councils in the Maltese islands. In conclusion, this work outlines a plan by means of which hunting and trapping can be better managed in the Maltese islands. This plan is based on the analyses of the Local Council responses together with the analysis of the interviews with key persons, hunters and their children.
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