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Title: Micropropagation of Solanum tuberosum varieties (Alpha and Desiree) for the production of seed tubers
Authors: Azzopardi, Noel (1997)
Keywords: Potatoes -- Malta
Plant propagation
Issue Date: 1997
Citation: Azzopardi, N. (1997). Micropropagation of Solanum tuberosum varieties (Alpha and Desiree) for the production of seed tubers (Master’s dissertation).
Abstract: Micropropagation of two potato varieties (Alpha and Desiree) was carried out for the production of seed tubers. In vitro virus-free cultures of Desiree and Alpha were obtained from the plant tissue collection of the Institute of Biological Research, Belgrade. A culture for another genotype of the alpha variety (Alpha M) was started from tubers harvested from Maltese soils. The breaking of dormancy in tubers to produce sprouts which were used as explants for starting cultures was carried out by treating the tubers with gibberellic acid (GA3). Several methods of surface sterilization of these explants were carried out, and the best results were achieved by using disinfectant (1%), antibiotic (2%), and bleach (2% sodium hypochlorite) solutions. The effect of two plant growth regulators (Benzylaminopurine [BAP], and GA3) was studied, and it was confirmed that BAP (a cytokinin) induces shoot growth but does not promote root development. This effect was enhanced when GA3 was added top the nutrient medium.
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