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Title: Petrographical characteristics as an indicator of physico-mechanical properties of concrete aggregate
Authors: Bianco, Lino
Micallef, Gabriel
Keywords: Lightweight concrete
Engineering geology
Geotechnical engineering
Materials -- Compression testing
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: CIBv
Citation: Bianco, L., & Micallef, G. (2020). Petrographical characteristics as an indicator of physico-mechanical properties of concrete aggregate. International Scientific Conference CIBv - Civil Engineering and Building Services.
Abstract: Concrete is a widely used construction material. Aggregate is the main ingredient which accounts for nearly 75% of the volume, with the coarser fraction, depending on the mix proportions, accounting for 50 to 60% of the mix. Recent research addressed the process of designing a prototype coffee table, from drawing to the production of an industrial item [1]. The final product made extensive use of concrete, walnut-finished timber components and black-finished steel elements (Figure 1). Concrete was utilised both in plane and edge orientations, the latter being useful to enhance the minimum thickness possible in order to reflect the concept of lightness. Whilst weight was a major drawback, concrete was nevertheless selected as the dominant product material. The surfaces were produced from freshly poured concrete in 25mm deep moulds designed for the panels. There were 5 moulds, each varying in form to correspond to the panels. They were constructed from melamine laminated particle board for (i) the production of a smooth finish and (ii) ease of demoulding. The sides of the moulds were manufactured in sanded pine wood as mitre edges could not be produced in melamine.
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