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Title: Linguistic policies in 19th century education in Malta in the imperial context
Authors: Coleiro, Doreen (2013)
Keywords: Education -- Malta -- History
Malta -- History -- 19th century
Language policy -- Malta -- History
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: This Dissertation is an interdisciplinary study which explores the relationship between 19th century linguistic policies in Malta and language use in education. As a historical, cultural and linguistic account of 19th century Malta is provided, the reasons why the British chose to adopt a laissez-faire policy towards language use in the first half of the century are explained. The complex situation that developed over the last decades of the century regarding the languages which had to be used in schools, both as media of instruction and as schooling subjects, are explored, highlighting the difficulties which the British encountered to establish their language in Malta. In order to tackle language related issues in the first part of the century, this study focuses on the influence exerted by the local Church and the role which Protestant Missionary Societies had in the educational sphere. It also refers to the views put forward by George Percy Badger and Christoph Friedrich Schlienz following the recommendations of the Royal Commission of Inquiry of 1836. In the light of new educational reforms and the appointment of new Directors of Education, this study analyses what linguistic measures were being proposed for schools, and which were implemented in the second half of the century. Materials included in order to carry out the analyses include educational circular letters, memoirs and reports on the educational system of Malta. In the final part of the study comparison is carried out between the situation in Malta, as far as language policies are concerned, and that of other colonial contexts. This reveals how the British colonial administrators took different approaches in different colonies, thus indicating the absence of a single or uniform linguistic policy of the Empire.
Description: M.MALTESE STUD.
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