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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Aspects of ecology of cladocora caespitosaAbela, Hannah (2020)
2020Development of matrices for 3D spheroid culture and assessment of their metabolic activityZammit, Sarah (2020)
2020A comparison of the biology and ecology of Euphorbia dendroides and Euphorbia melitensisPace, Gabriel (2020)
2020Intraspecific morphological variability in less common species of the family RajidaeSpiteri, Emma Jayne (2020)
2020Extraction of high value compounds from fish wasteCutajar, Neil (2020)
2020Assessing potential recovery of shore biotic assemblages following cessation of raw sewage inputScerri, Vanessa-Ann (2020)
2020The influence of rock pool morphometry on floral species diversityPuglisevich, Erika (2020)
2020Characterisation of discards generated by Maltese bottom otter trawl fishing vesselsPace, Matthew (2020)
2020Aspects of the ecology of Elatine Gussonei (Sommier) Brullo & al.Nuccio, Stella (2020)
2020Distribution and population size structures of the megabenthic cnidarians Isidella elongata and Funiculina quadrangularis in Maltese watersMifsud, Luke (2020)
2020Bioerosion rates on shore and shallow water rocky bottoms along Maltese coastsGrima, Alistair (2020)
2020The Brachidontes pharaonis mussel bed in Birżebbuġa, nine years onMarmara', Ema (2020)
2020The environmental impact assessment process as applied in Malta to major coastal engineering works : an evaluationGhita, Loriana (2020)
2020Dietary preferences of selected shallow-water herbivoresFarrugia, Dylan (2020)
2020Preparation of collagen scaffolds from different skin sources for fibroblast seedingDelia, Gianni (2020)
2020Deep-water fish distribution and habitat association in the Maltese FMZClark, Yasmin (2020)
2020Preliminary studies on Colaphellus palaestinus Achard in the Maltese islandsCamilleri, Luke (2020)
2020Effectiveness of drone imagery in mapping shallow-water benthic assemblagesBellia, Andrea Francesca (2020)
2020Effect of multiple treatment regimes of cytotoxic extracts and drugs on tumour cell spheroidsCiantar, Martina (2020)
2020Recognition of visual stimuli by the warty crab Eriphia verrucosaAttard Selvagi, Edward (2020)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 26

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