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Title: The conservation and re-use of the Old University Building, Valletta : with a focus on the courtyard
Authors: Carter, Claire (2013)
Keywords: University of Malta. Valletta Campus
Historic buildings -- Conservation and restoration -- Malta -- Valletta
Courtyards -- Malta -- Valletta
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: Carter, C. (2013). The conservation and re-use of the Old University Building, Valletta : with a focus on the courtyard (Bachelor's dissertation).
Abstract: This dissertation proposes a holistic approach to the conservation and future use of the former Jesuit college and church in Valletta, more recently known as the Old University Building, and nowadays referred to as the Valletta Campus. This complex is rich in culture and history, and has for many years been an important landmark in the city. Today the building needs both extensive conservation work, and a number of key decisions regarding its future uses. The present dissertation traces out the foundations for a value-based approach to the building. The historical development of the complex over time was examined on the basis of secondary sources. Interviews were conducted with representatives of three main interest groups, management/policy makers, users of the different parts of the complex, and professionals familiar with conservation issues in Valletta's context. On the basis of three sources of evidence, namely historical research, interviews and first hand examination of the building itself, the salient values of the complex were identified. It is argued that, when planning future interventions and uses of the complex, it is essential that these values are constantly kept in view, and that the impacts of different possible interventions and uses are assessed accordingly, in order to take informed decisions that safeguard these values for the enjoyment of future generations. For this to happen, its vulnerabilities need to be identified and countered. The courtyard is chosen for a more detailed study as apart from being one or the more distinctive spaces, it is the core of the building and is one of the spaces needing the most attention. This study identifies and discusses material conservation issues and their probable causes. With this background, this research finally presents proposals for policies and compatible reuse. The holistic manner in which these proposals are treated seeks to counter the severe fragmentation the building experienced over the past century. These proposals thus seek to trace the foundations on which a rehabilitation plan for the Valletta Campus needs to be built.
Description: B.E.&A.(HONS)
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