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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-08-02CUNI-Malta system at SIGMORPHON 2019 shared task on morphological analysis and lemmatization in context : operation-based word formationCardenas, Ronald; Borg, Claudia; Zeman, Daniel
2019Ambient intelligent classrooms - beyond the indispensable educatorMontebello, Matthew
2019AI in education - a practical guide for teachers and young peopleCamilleri, Vanessa; Dingli, Alexiei; Montebello, Matthew
2020Handbook of research on digital learningMontebello, Matthew; Montebello, Matthew
2020I am the institutionMontebello, Matthew; Montebello, Matthew
2019Assessment innovation in higher education by integrating learning analyticsHaniya, Samaa; Tzirides, Anastasia Olga; Georgiadou, Keratso; Montebello, Matthew; Kalantzis, Mary; Cope, Bill
2019Use of a multimodal, peer-to-peer learning management system for introduction of critical clinical thinking to first year veterinary studentsMcMichael, Maureen A.; Ferguson, Duncan C.; Allender, Matthew C.; Cope, Bill; Kalantzis, Mary; Haniya, Samaa; Searsmith, Duane; Montebello, Matthew
2019Maximizing learning potential with multimodality : a case studyHaniya, Samaa; Tzirides, Anastasia Olga; Montebello, Matthew; Georgiadou, Keratso; Cope, Bill; Kalantzis, Mary
2019Muslim minority women in Greek Thrace : from house-cocoons to e-learning-butterfliesGeorgiadou, Keratso; Haniya, Samaa; Montebello, Matthew; Tzirides, Anastasia Olga
2012Incremental clustering of news reportsAzzopardi, Joel; Staff, Chris
2013-07GOOSE : search on internet of connected sensorsAzzopardi, George
2014-06The flexigas simulator : a decision support system for biogas chainsWijbrandi, Wilco; Azzopardi, George; Lazovik, Elena; Frank, Pierie
2014-08A computational model of push-pull inhibition of simple cells with application to contour detectionAzzopardi, George; Rodriguez-Sanchez, Antonio; Piater, Justus; Petkov, Nicolai
2018Crowdsourced recommender systemMallia Milanes, Mario; Montebello, Matthew
2018Impacting networked technologies on teaching practicesCutajar, Maria; Montebello, Matthew
2018Enriching online education through differentiated learningMontebello, Matthew; Cope, Bill; Kalantzis, Mary
2017A deep learning approach for detecting and correcting highlights in endoscopic imagesRodriguez-Sanchez, Antonio; Chea, Daly; Azzopardi, George; Stabinger, Sebastian
2011-05-26Trainable V4-like filters for detecting retinal vascular bifurcationsAzzopardi, George; Petkov, Nicolai
2014-04Trainable COSFIRE filters for keypoint detection object localization, and pattern recognitionAzzopardi, George; Petkov, Nicolai
2015Automatic classification of serrated patterns in direct immunouorescence imagesShi, Chenyu; Meijer, Joost M.; Guo, Jiapan; Azzopardi, George; Jonkman, Marcel F.; Petkov, Nicolai
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 270