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Title: Cleaning attendants : a study of their socio-economic status
Authors: Azzopardi, Juliet (2006)
Keywords: Social classes -- Malta
Equality -- Malta
Economics -- Malta
Issue Date: 2006
Citation: Azzopardi, J. (2006). Cleaning attendants : a study of their socio-economic status (Bachelor's dissertation).
Abstract: There seems to be a sociological trend which promotes the idea of the embourgeoisement of Maltese society, but at the same time we are seeing an increase in part-time and contract work both in the manual and non-manual sectors. This study includes use of semi-structured interviews conducted with twenty cleaning attendants within a prestigious institution. This was accompanied by the analysis of secondary data in order to find out how state institutions locate these workers within the class structure. Women's lifestyles are analysed including the effects of their working conditions and attitudes, and whether a feeling of empowerment and equality with male counterparts is being reached. It was found that cleaning attendants were employed in the service sector, falling under fixed contractual patterns. This was mainly due to the fact that apart from performing expressive roles which are still significantly carried out by women, they arc now immersed in the instrumental role as well. This in tum demonstrate that since these cleaning attendants involve themselves in the world of work, they occupy a class position. Therefore the material assets, education and the job one does give rise to a general apprehension of social differences.
Description: B.A.(HONS)SOCIOLOGY
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