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Title: Censorship in Malta : a general perspective
Authors: Debattista, Dolan (2004)
Keywords: Censorship -- Malta
Freedom of expression -- Malta
Authoritarianism -- Malta
Democracy -- Malta
Issue Date: 2004
Citation: Debattista, D. (2004). Censorship in Malta : a general perspective (Bachelor’s dissertation).
Abstract: The concept of freedom of expression and its consequential conflict with the use of censorship in liberal societies has always proved to be a delicate issue to tackle and justify. In the case of Malta, the general tendency, at least up until now, seems that of taking everything for granted. Excluding the political sphere, in which the Law of Libel seems often persistently utilised in various arising situations, there seems to be relatively less pressure imposed on the respective boards and institutions responsible for the censorship of material to be more tolerant regarding the import of videos, or the exhibition of theatre plays and movies in Malta. If the perception is correct, and this dissertation will also aim to confirm or disconfirm such a perception, one must surely ask the reason for such a situation. It could perhaps be because the Maltese do not generally care about expanding their choices and liberties in a society revolving around the principle of liberties in the first place. Or perhaps it could be because the approach by the boards and authorities responsible is already as liberal as it gets. The author of this dissertation deems it both interesting and necessary to analyse the local scenario in the light of freedom of expression, because it is through the extent of liberties we are allowed to enjoy that our social life will thereby be primarily influenced. Additional motivation also came from the fact that there are no, or at most very few writings to date analysing the presence and legitimate use of censorship in Malta. The author hereby hopes that his aim of offering objective information and serious food for thought on the subject will successfully be reached.
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