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Title: Seismic analysis and strengthening intervention of the Fossanova gothic church : numerical and experimental activity
Authors: De Matteis, Gianfranco
Mazzolani, Federico M.
Krstevska, L.
Tashkov, L.
Keywords: Buildings -- Earthquake effects -- Italy -- Evaluation
Abbazia di Fossanova (Priverno, Italy)
Earth movements and building
Earth movements -- Italy -- Case studies
Earthquake resistant design
Materials -- Dynamic testing
Cultural property -- Protection
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: University of Malta. Department of Building & Civil Engineering
Citation: De Matteis, G., Mazzolani, F. M., Krstevska, L., & Tashkov, L. (2008). Seismic analysis and strengthening intervention of the Fossanova gothic church: numerical and experimental activity. In Mazzolani, F. M., Mistakidis, E., Borg, R. P., Byfield, M., De Matteis, G., Dubina.,..Wang, Y. (Eds.), Urban habitat constructions under catastrophic events: COST Action C26 (pp. 247-254). Malta: University of Malta. Dept. of Building & Civil Engineering.
Abstract: ▪The seismic behaviour of the Fossanova church, which represents a magnificent example of a pre-Gothic Cistercian style monument, is examined in this datasheet by means of both experimental and numerical analyses.
▪ Preliminary detailed investigations have been devoted to the identification of the geometry of the main constructional parts as well as of the mechanical features of the constituting materials. Then, ambient vibration tests and numerical modal identification analyses by finite element method have been applied, allowing the detection of the main dynamic features of the church.
▪ Global collapse mechanism analyses have been carried out allowing the estimation of the actual seismic vulnerability of the church. In the whole, these preliminary analyses permitted to identify the most vulnerable part of the structural complex.
▪ A large scale (1-to-5.5) physical model of the church, comprising the three bays of the central part of the church, has been constructed and tested on a shaking in order determine the actual dynamic response of the main part of the structure and apply innovative strengthening intervention techniques for improving its structural response.
ISBN: 9789990944402
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