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Title: What is time like? The relationship between self-consciousness and time
Authors: Sultana, Mark
Keywords: Self-consciousness (Awareness)
Augustine, of Hippo, Saint, 354-430
Thomas, Aquinas, Saint, 1225?-1274
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Jesuit University Ignatianum at Krakow
Citation: Sultana, M. (2021). What is time like? The relationship between self-consciousness and time. Forum Philosophicum, 26(2), 329-344.
Abstract: In this paper, which is situated in the broad stream of the confluence between analytic philosophy and phenomenology, I shall attempt to articulate the relation between self-consciousness and time consciousness. I shall show that the primary meaning of time entails a self-conscious being, and that time and change are related, but in an analogous way. Different forms of life—with concomitant different forms of self-consciousness—are qualitatively different in their capability of experiencing the flow of time. In making this claim, I shall discuss Husserl’s distinction between pre-reflective or tacit self-awareness (inner-consciousness) and reflective self-consciousness (inner perception), and I shall show that this view is similar to Augustine’s distinction between nosse and cogitare and Aquinas’ distinction between ”habitual” and “actual” self-knowledge. It will also be intimated that simultaneity is associated with empathy.
ISSN: 1426-1898
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