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Title: Review of Varicella zoster virus : from epidemiology to prevention
Authors: Pace, David
Keywords: Varicella-zoster virus
Chickenpox vaccine
Varicella-zoster virus -- Treatment
Varicella-zoster virus -- Epidemiology
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Malta Medical Journal
Citation: Malta Medical Journal. 2008, Vol.20(3), p. 7-11
Abstract: The Varicella zoster virus is a human pathogen which causes Varicella after primary infection and herpes zoster after secondary reactivation. Both disease manifestations can occur at any age; however, Varicella is seen more commonly in children whilst herpes zoster is mainly observed in the elderly. Although uncommon, disease complications secondary to Varicella may be severe and life-threatening especially at the extremes of age, during pregnancy and in the immunocompromised. Attenuated Varicella vaccines have been successfully formulated to prevent Varicella and its complications and are part of the routine childhood immunisation programmes in several countries including the US, Canada, Germany and Australia. This review discusses the epidemiology of Varicella, the clinical presentation and management of Varicella zoster virus infections and the potential of preventing Varicella and herpes zoster through immunisation.
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MMJ, Volume 20, Issue 2
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