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Title: Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs in Malta : insurance repercussions and managerial controls
Authors: Vella, Daniela (2021)
Keywords: Drunk driving -- Malta
Drugged driving -- Malta
Traffic accidents -- Malta
Traffic regulations -- Malta
Automobile insurance -- Malta
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: Vella, D. (2021). Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs in Malta: insurance repercussions and managerial controls (Master's dissertation).
Abstract: Alcohol and drugs can provide pleasure and relief in several ways, in which people find helpful in enjoying and coping with life difficulties. However, its use may also inflict harm and suffering to users, their associates and society. Driving a vehicle after consuming alcohol or drugs, increases death and injuries on the roads. Europe has responded in several ways as to managing drink and drug driving. Achieving reduction in these related road accidents is a benefit for all society members (Galbicsek, 2021). Setting limits, such as the level of Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC), setting advertisements such as “Don’t Drink and Drive”, and regulations, show how far specific marketing and laws can best contribute in promoting a desired behaviour by a large number of populations. For this to be effective, it is important that the affected citizens understand what the law requires of them and the reason why (Allsop, 2020). This study shall analyse and understand people’s knowledge with regards to drink and drug driving laws when it comes to the level of BAC, insurance exclusions, etc. It shall also delve in to people’s attitudes with regards to drink and drug driving and finally what are the measures that can be taken to reduce drink and drug driving. All data collected through one-to-one interviews, online questionnaires and desk research were analysed and themes were pointed out to further amend and strengthen our laws and regulations in relation to drink and drug driving; this was also compared with other countries. The general findings of this study was people’s perception and attitudes through different age groups with regards to drink and drug driving and distinguishing the weaknesses in our system. This subject may be researched further to explore and investigate specific areas which relate to drink and drug driving in Malta and Gozo.
Description: M.A.(Melit.)
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