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Title: The small objects and the human skulls found in the Hal-Saflieni prehistoric hypogeum at Casal Paula, Malta
Authors: Zammit, Temi
Peet, Eric T.
Bradley, R.N.
Keywords: Anthropology, Prehistoric -- Malta
Hypogeum (Paola, Malta)
Malta -- Antiquities
Craniology -- Malta
Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum (Paola, Malta)
Issue Date: 1912
Citation: The small objects and the human skulls found in the Hal-Saflieni prehistoric hypogeum at Casal Paula, Malta. Malta: [s.n.], 1912.
Abstract: Since the publication of the first report, in 1910, no very extensive excavations were conducted at Hal-Saflieni but the material, so far collected, was carefully classified and studied. Mr. E. T. Peet, very kindly, undertook to describe the small objects met with in the Hypogeum. The comparison of our objects with similar ones, found in other neolithic stations abroad, cannot but prove of great interest to the student of the Maltese antiquities. Mr. R. N. Bradley, who has spent long hours at Hal Saflieni and has given particular attention to the skulls found therein, has also consented to record his impressions in this report. The number d skulls found in the Hypogeum is very great indeed but the soil, in which they were buried was so damp as to render them extremely friable. Eleven of these skulls could be measured and photographed and it is hoped that from the data, herein tabulated, students will be able to judge of the importance of the human remains buried at Hal Saflieni. The dolicocephalic features of the skulls are evident, a fact which throws more light on the exclusive presence of the Mediterranean race in these Islands in neolithic ages. That the Maltese are the direct outcome of these old inhabitants can hardly, now, be questioned. A twelveth skull, found in the forties at Hagiar Kim, was likewise measured though its features differ form those of the Hal-Saflieni skulls. It is prognathic and points to a negroid origin. As this skull is exhibited at the Museum it is well that it be likewise described in detail to bring out the difference resulting from its comparison with the skulls of the Hypogeum.
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