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Title: Preparation for a valid celebration of a canonical marriage
Authors: Dimech, Anthony (2018)
Keywords: Marriage (Canon law)
Marriage -- Annulment (Canon law)
Consent (Canon law)
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Dimech, A. (2018). Preparation for a valid celebration of a canonical marriage (Master's dissertation).
Abstract: Undoubtedly, every couple wants to celebrate a valid canonical marriage but the question arises: Do they really know what they are celebrating? Most of us married people and those who are preparing to get married in the Church either do not know or have a very vague idea of the demands put forward by the Church in order to celebrate a valid canonical marriage. This was confirmed by Pope Francis and by the priests I have interviewed in the course for the writing of this dissertation. Knowing and willing what the Church wills for the spouses are of utmost importance for living out a life-long commitment in the light of God's command. Chapter one of this dissertation spells an overview of the major developments in dogmatic theology regarding the nature of matrimony throughout the ages. Chapter two explores the normative demands and legal requirements of the Code of Canon Law 1983 in order to celebrate a valid canonical marriage. While Chapter three speaks of the preparation process and the need of a coherent approach by the Church towards matrimony through a method by which preparation and regulation will be fused in one body, not anymore two separate entities. This has been also expressed by a number of priests whom I have interviewed. Their insights are invaluable to come to the understanding of what needs to be done by the Church in Malta to compel spouses to live out a fruitful and loving self-giving relationship. This is imperative if the Church wants to evangelize the world regarding the doctrine of matrimony. This is spelled out beautifully in the Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modem World ‘Gaudium et Spes’. The Christian family springs from marriage, which is an image of the partnership of love between Christ and the Church, it will show forth to all men Christ's living presence in the world and the authentic nature of the Church by the love and generous fruitfulness of the spouses, by their unity and fidelity, and the loving way in which the members of the family cooperate with each other.
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