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Title: In-vehicle speed monitoring system
Authors: Mifsud, Raisa (2015)
Keywords: Global Positioning System
VHDL (Computer hardware description language)
Field programmable gate arrays
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Mifsud, R. (2015). In-vehicle speed monitoring system (Bachelor’s dissertation).
Abstract: In-vehicle monitoring (black box) technology is rapidly increasing in EU countries, with many different applications of this black box now available. Basically it monitors how, when and where a vehicle is being driven, records the data and gives a feedback about different behaviors to the driver and/or other parties. Some systems also provide alerts to the driver if they are driving at a certain risk. The driving manners are the actions that may put the driver in chance of crashing or may increase the severity of the crash, such as harsh braking, excessive speed, not using a seat belt, and so on. These are the behaviors that need to be monitored to calculate how risky a person is driving. Effectively, it can also alert the driver to take the precautions needed to reduce the driver's crash risk. This work consisted of the integration of a GPS receiver together with a LCD module and SD card module that are used to provide the realization of a vehicle monitoring system. This takes the form of a data logging system, by which one can view all the necessary data on a personal computer in order to provide supervision for individuals at the act of driving. The goal was to implement the GPS system on a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) using VHDL (VHSIC Hardware Description Language). The prototype is first simulated and tested using ISE Design Suite 14.7. The GPS data is manipulated, filtered and finally displayed on an LCD module. The data is also saved on an SD card for different users to view the recorded data.
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