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Title: The consumer buying behaviour of a gamer when purchasing a first-person shooter video game
Authors: Micallef, Adrian
Keywords: Consumer behavior
Video games
Internet games
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: Purpose: This thesis contributes to the fields of game studies and marketing as it explores the consumer buying behaviour of a gamer when purchasing a firstperson shooter (FPS) video game. Design / Methodology Approach: The study takes both a local and foreign stance, a questionnaire was devised in order to collect as much data as possible, thereby adopting a quantitative research approach. Data was analysed through the 'Statistical Package for the Social Sciences' (SPSS) taking a descriptive statistical approach. Analysis of existing literature in the same field was done, after which propositions for further research were developed. Findings: The research revealed that as regards FPS gaming, the main factors which proved to be imperative for gamers prior to purchasing a FPS video game were the following: gameplay, storyline, graphics and the multiplayer online mode. The main sources of information used by gamers upon buying a game were YouTube, recommendations from friends and game reviews. Price did not result as an influential factor among this audience. Moreover, the consumer buying behaviour of a gamer in relation to FPS games was recognized. Research Limitations: The findings mainly attempted to show the consumer behaviour of gamer, yet the medium employed for this research could incur certain limitations in itself. Further research should be conducted in order to reveal more characteristics in relation to this type of genre. As regards practical limitations, the buying behaviour process should be identified for each target audience, since certain vital characteristics may reveal themselves within the purchasing process. Originality: Consumer buying behaviour is a crucial factor in which it shows what mainly triggers a client to consume a product or a Thus this process amalgamated with other efficient tools such as the Marketing Mix and the Political, Economic, Social and Technological analysis (PEST analysis), helped the study to reveal the gamers' perspective in relation to gaming.
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