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Title: Design & construction of a vertical axis wind turbine
Authors: Abela, M. (1985)
Mintoff, D. (1985)
Keywords: Wind power
Power resources
Vertical axis wind turbines
Issue Date: 1985
Citation: Abela, M., & Mintoff, D. (1985). Design & construction of a vertical axis wind turbine (Bachelor’s dissertation).
Abstract: The wind is a vast untapped source of power produced by a combination of solar heat, which causes thermal air movements, and the rotation of the earth, which keeps the trade winds and other steady breezes blowing in the opposite direction. One calculation has shown that the total wind energy at present wasted over the whole world surf ace is just about twice the output of all the power stations in existence. Over many centuries, wind energy was successfully harnessed, and we can see this, with the success of the conventional windmill which could do work of several men. However, this became redundant, with the development of the steam engines and internal combustion engines, and with the apparently plentiful reserves of oil, gas and coal. Hence, until the early seventies we witnessed little or no incentive to develop and improve methods of harnessing the wind. The increase in oil prices in 1973 and the many subsequent price increased made a profound and damaging impact on the economics of many nations. Even countries which had sufficient supplies of oil, gas and coal to meet their needs suffered severly. These events, however, did serve to alert people to the fact that conventional fuels do not last forever. A number of countries, therefore, promptly initiated programmes to develop renewable sources of energy.
Description: B.ENG (HONS)
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