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Title: Malta - the chemicals sector
Other Titles: Study on the representativeness of the social partner organisations in the chemical industry
Authors: Rizzo, Saviour
Debono, Manwel
Keywords: Chemical industry -- Malta
Labor market -- Malta
Labor unions -- Malta
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Universite Catholique de Louvain. Institut Des Sciences Du Travail
Citation: Rizzo, S., & Debono, M. (2006). Malta - the chemicals sector. In I. Vandenbussche (Ed.), Study on the representativeness of the social partner organisations in the chemical industry (pp. 162-168). Louvain-la-Neuve: Universite Catholique de Louvain. Institut Des Sciences Du Travail.
Abstract: The figures and estimates about the chemical sector in Malta given by the organisations do not tally with the official statistics. This is due to the fact that the chemical sector, as classified under the NACE Nomenclature, is not big enough to warrant an exclusive section by the trade union to cater for the workers in this sector. Firms whose operations are related to the products classified in NACE 24, but not strictly in line with it, are associated with this sector. Thus workers employed by two trans-national companies (TNC) which have plants in Malta - one producing plastic toys (Play Mobil) and another one producing rubber seals and washers (0 Rings) are organised under the Chemical Section of the General Workers' Union (GWU). These firms do no fall within the NACE Nomenclature for chemicals, for they do not manufacture plastics (24.16) and rubber (24.17) in primary form. These two firms combined employ more than 1000 workers, and by Maltese standards, are considered to be large enterprises. The National Statistics Office (NSO) generally follows the NACE standardized nomenclature. However in the latest statistics released by this office, the 'Chemicals and Chemical Products' sector comprised sections 23 and 24 from NACE nomenclature. Maybe section 23 (Manufacture of Coke, refined petroleum products and nuclear fuel) was deemed to be closely related to the chemical sector and for the purpose of statistical comparative analysis was included in this sector.
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