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Title: Mass communications media and the moral order
Authors: Aquilina, Cecilia (1971)
Keywords: Mass media
Values -- Religious aspects -- Catholic Church
Issue Date: 1971
Citation: Aquilina, C. (1971). Mass communications media and the moral order (Diploma long essay).
Abstract: Modern Communications Media have become such an essential, and more often than not, pleasant, contribution to everyday life, that they risk being taken for granted by an ever increasing number of the World Population. This can be seen especially in the passive attitude of so many recipients, and in the using of the Media by certain communicators only as a means of increasing their wealth and influence. However, such important factors as the modern methods of communication are not to be taken lightly as they can have great repercussions on the individual and the community, both on the material and spiritual levels. But for one reason or another (and some of these reasons may be justified) it is not everybody who can obtain time, opportunity or means to have a close look at these potentialities for good or evil, which are so real affecting, for the most part, even the very heart of that vital community which is the family. Nevertheless, even if a detailed study of the Media can not be undertaken on a universal scale, there still remains some responsibility on the part of both communicators and recipients. Thus it is that the purpose of this dissertation, which has for its object the Communications Media and the Moral Order, is the sharing of the knowledge obtained by my delving more deeply into the matter. Not, however, that things may rest there, but that there may be a greater appreciation of the widespread marvellous means of modern communications, and the all-important rale they play in aiding Man to carry out God's Will for him the completion of the mission he was sent on Earth to accomplish.
Description: DIP.S.TH.
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