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Title: Stress among the public service
Authors: Briffa, Lourdes (2014)
Keywords: Civil service -- Malta
Job stress -- Malta
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Briffa, L. (2014). Stress among the public service (Diploma long essay).
Abstract: Recent studies suggest that 50 - 60 % of all lost working days are related to occupational stress (Cox et al. 2000). In the last couple of years, there has been a growing interest in stress related to the place of work. This is because employees are at a high risk of stress and job dissatisfaction. The aim of the study is to determine which occupational stressors are present in today's working environment and to describe and compare the occupational stress between two Government Departments. One within the Ministry Of Finance and one within the Ministry for Social Welfare. The sample consisted of 172 employees. The analysis showed that too much overload of work and shortage of staff combined with stress of job demands and lack of resources were components of burnout and exhaustion. Since occupational stress is having its toll on the employees, this research will help to see how one can manage the stress related to work in a proactive maner and to reduce the personal impact it has on the employees and to determine the affects of job stress of employees employed with the local government. In Malta, some people still have the perception that since you work within the public service all is plain sailing and the employees may as well take it easy. Being a civil servant myself I can proof that this is not the case, and it saddens me when I hear people pass this remark. Thus with this long essay I hope to be a mirror to the citizens who were never employed with the government and therefore do not know that a job with the government may be as stressful as any other job in another place. This is reflected through the increasing number of employees within the public service who seek help within the Employee Support Programme. My objective is to understand through my research issues touching the stress in the public service.
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