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With more than 100 million native speakers, German is the most widely spoken language in the EU, one of its three working languages and an official language in six countries of Europe: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. The German-speaking countries are a major, multi-facetted cultural hub in the middle of Europe. As Europe’s largest economy and most populous country of the European Union, Germany is one of the largest trading partners of Malta and German companies are all over the island. Furthermore Germans make up a significant share of the tourists in Malta and the scientific, political and cultural exchange between Malta and Germany is increasing. German matters more and more – in Malta and world-wide. Graduates of German Studies will be able to tap a wide range of working opportunities. They can either pursue a career in teaching (with a B.Ed., PGCE or M.A.), or as translator, in the civil service in Malta or with the European institutions. Moreover they can also find employment in tourism or they can opt for joining the staff of one of the many German companies in Malta or of Maltese companies operating in Germany. But besides these job opportunities there are plenty of other reasons for learning German. Every language is a ‘world’ of its own, and being able to understand German opens up the world of many writers, philosophers, scientists, of different national and local cultures, and of several countries with impressive scenery as well as vibrant metropolises.


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