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Title: Adventure travel : an exploration of the transformational process in young adults
Authors: Grima, Paul (2021)
Keywords: Adventure travel
Young adults -- Attitudes
Maturation (Psychology)
Self-actualization (Psychology)
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: Grima, P. (2021). Adventure travel: an exploration of the transformational process in young adults (Bachelor's dissertation).
Abstract: Adventure travel is an emerging niche in the tourism industry that had been rapidly gaining ground within recent decades. Although researched to some extent, current studies focus on the activities themselves, the infrastructure supporting adventure related operations, and the number of risks, accidents and deaths caused by such activities. One overlooked aspect in adventure travel is the psychological elements behind participant’s motives in undertaking this type of tourism, specifically the motivator of achieving a personal, transformational growth by carrying out an adventure activity. The purpose, therefore, of this exploratory qualitative research is to identify the reasons behind young adults choosing adventure travel for the purpose of transformational growth, the cause, effects and benefits, of such a process, and how undergoing this process can be beneficial to not only the individual themselves, but also to society as a whole. Data will be obtained through secondary qualitative data gathering, focusing on adventure travel and the psychology and motivators behind undergoing a transformational process as a result of an adventure activity. Academic sources focusing on this specific demographic will be used, and the information will be collated and analysed to draw out common themes regarding the transformational process of adventure travel. The conclusions reached after examining all the sources imply that young adults actively seek adventure travel as a means of achieving personal growth, self-fulfilment, and self-realisation, and that it indeed leaves a positive impact on their lives. As such, this leaves wider implications for the tourism industry, as adventure travel can be researched by both academics and commercially based institutions, to further promote the sector of adventure tourism and facilitate the transformational experience for young adults.
Description: B.A. (Hons) (Tourism Studies)(Melit.)
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