Farm to Fork

SCP leader:                          Ms Maureen Zerafa

Participating school:      St Francis School Kindergarten, Nadur – Gozo

Students’ Age:                    3-5 years

Project time frame:          Project Year 1

  • Research question: What was the research question? What are the underlying regional problems?
  1. From where does our food come?
  2. What changes does food go through before we consume it?
  3. What makes a healthy diet?

Early Childhood is a critical stage of child development. Attitudes towards food developed at this age is a strong determinant of later eating behaviours.  Many preschool-aged children suffer from low consumption of access to fruits and vegetables.  With this Farm to Fork Preschool Programme, the school created an ideal way to establsih healthy patterns and understanding of the food the children eat and where it comes from.

  • Approach: How did you proceed?

Lessons focused on the job of the farmer which was subdivided in the growing of crops and the rearing of livestock. Students learned how to sow and grow vegetables and the life cycle of animals. Chidlren participated in a lot of role play and presented what they learned through models.

  • Solution: What are your findings?

The food that arrives on our plates is the result of a lot of work of other persons. Food needs to be respected and food waste avoided.

  • Recommendation: What solutions have you developed for the regional problem(s)?

Children became aware and appreciated that food does not “grow” in supermarkets and is the product of a lot of care by the farmer.

  • Dissemination: How did you promote your recommendations?

Students’ models were set up as a display. Some families took up growing vegetables after being influenced by their children to do so. 

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