Get Active!

• The topic of the SCP should be related to waste management (in 2021) or energy saving (in 2022) and will involve an inquiry (i.e. trying to answer a question or solve a problem)

• Anyone who is interested in the topic and the needs of the community can participate in the project, irrespective of age and profession

• Decide who will act as the SCP leader. It could be a teacher, the head of school or any other community member.

• The duration of the SCP is variable. SCPs can last for a few weeks or several months • The subject of the SCP can be associated with or even embedded in the curriculum.

• An evaluation about the impact of the SCP is desirable

• The SCP leader will be asked to take short notes about the SCP using a template (that will be provided)

The implementation path of an SCP is seldom a straight one, rather it winds through the various phases of a project. For a successful SCP we recommend that you orient yourself along the 5 phases of a project, i.e. the INCREASE Trail Map (INVITE; CO-CREATE; ACT; SHARE; Evaluate), presented below.

Interested in participating?

Interested schools are requested to fill in the online application found. All applications will be evaluated by the Regional Support Team and selected applicants will be informed on the next stage of the project.