Fresh food from our School

SCP leader:                          Ms Kathleen Caruana Salafia

Participating school:      St Francis School B’Kara

Students’ Age:                    3-11 years

Project time frame:          Project Year 1

  • Research question: What was the research question? What are the underlying regional problems?
  1. Are young students concerned about healthy eating practices?
  2. Are young students ready to try out fruit / vegetables / other ingredients that they have not eaten before?
  3. How can we use local and healthy ingredients to create simple and good tasting recipes?
  4. Are families ready to experiment with healthy eating alternatives?
  • Approach: How did you proceed?

The Eco-Schools Committee came up with the idea of publishing a book that would include a collection of healthy recipes that could be share with the wider community. The recipes were collected by the students and their parents and were tried out at school. Developing the recipe book involved repeated discussions, planning, vetting of recipes, sectioning, and proofreading.

Students created the cover design and the title of the book themselves. Once the book was completed, parents (through the Parent Teacher Association) came up with the idea to sell the recipe book with all proceeds going for the Malta Community Chest Fund (MCCF).

  • Solution: What are your findings?

Benefits regarding 13 different fruit/vegetables together with sixty recipes were included in the book. Siblings were encouraged to work together as a joint family effort. Parents were encouraged to let their children express their wishes, their favourite food, and their own creativity. Parents spent quality time with their children during the preparation of dishes.

The project enhanced the students’ communication skills and self-confidence as well as thinking, problem-solving skills and creativity.

  • Recommendation: What solutions have you developed for the regional problem(s)?

The project was a success because students owned it from the very start. It was relevant to their experience and it provided space for their ideas. Sharing their knowledge with the wider community proved to be an extra incentive to participate and present their work with precision and pride. Through this project children changed their perception about eating certain fruits and vegetables. The project also encouraged respect for others and developed empathy with people in need.

  • Dissemination: How did you promote your recommendations?

Once published, the book was promoted through posters that were uploaded and shared on social media. The project was disseminated through interviews on various radio and TV stations and articles in newspapers and magazines. Students, parents, educators, relatives and friends of our learning community came together and through the sale of the books gathered €7000 that, after contacts with the Office of the President of Malta, were donated to the Malta Community Chest Fund on behalf of the school during L-Istrina on 26th December 2021. The event was screened by all the TV stations on the Island.

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