Reverse Advent Calendar

SCP leader:                          Sr Teresa Tonna

Participating school:      St Jeanne Antide College

Students’ Age:                    4-16 years

Project time frame:          Project Year 1

  • Research question: What was the research question? What are the underlying regional problems?
  1. How can we improve the quality of life of poor families and individuals in contact with the Sisters of Charity and Tarxien parish?
  • Approach: How did you proceed?

As preparation for the Advent season students discussed ways of improving the quality of life of people who are facing problems. In so doing they focused on the SDGs aimed at promoting wellbeing in society. They decided to adopt the “Reverse Advent Calendars” of two charitable institutions: the St Jeanne Antide Foundation and the Dar Hosea. The project consisted mainly in collecting items from the students’ homes that were eventually given for charity.

  • Solution: What are your findings?

The amounts of goods collected was quite high and several families benefitted from the donations.

  • Recommendation: What solutions have you developed for the regional problem(s)?

Besides becoming aware of families and individuals who are economically in difficulty and developing an attitude of sharing and help, the project helped students and their respective families to reflect on the consumption patterns.

  • Dissemination: How did you promote your recommendations?

The project was disseminated mainly by word of mouth during class sessions and assemblies, but it was supported through the social media and posters that were distrubuted in shops in the community.

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