Water & Energy Consumption

SCP leader:                          Ms Lorna Darmanin

Participating school:      St Benedict College, Middle School, Kirkop

Students’ Age:                    11-13 years

Project time frame:          Project Year 1

  • Research question: What was the research question? What are the underlying regional problems?
  1. Is the school using too much water and energy?
  2. How can we conserve water and energy?
  3. How can these practices be applied to our homes?
  • Approach: How did you proceed?

Due to actions carried out in relation to Eco-Schools, students have over the years ensured that the school is equipped with technologies that conserve water and electricity. Both are related because, in Malta, most of the water is produced through Reverse Osmosis Plants that consume quite a lot of energy. The project started with a tour around the school grounds by the school maintenance person who, besides familiarizing the students with the school’s technologies that conserve water and energy, explained that the availability of these measures is not enough. They need to be coupled with behaviours and habits that promote the sustainable use of these resources and help reduce over consumption.

During a class workshop, students focused of identifying practices that can reduce their daily water and energy consumption … practices that they also discussed with their respective families with the aim of introducing them at home. Students also created different posters, to raise awareness among other students, about the importance of reducing water and energy consumption.

  • Solution: What are your findings?

Behaviour changes are more effective in promoting a sustainable use of water and energy resources than the installation of sustainable technologies.

  • Recommendation: What solutions have you developed for the regional problem(s)?

The recommendations compiled by the students imply behavioral changes that become habits. This can be introduced through small actions that breakup the change into manageable steps and ensure that the new sustainable habit is internalized.

  • Dissemination: How did you promote your recommendations?

The project’s results and suggestions were disseminated throughout the whole school community and beyond through the school’s social media platforms. The major targets were the individual households.

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