Parliamentary Election Results, 1921 - 2013

Party Performance

Comprehensive Tabulation For each District, and for every General Election, this comprehensive tabulation [XLS] provides data on the number of voters and valid votes; the District quotas; the number votes and seats obtained by each political party; and the number of candidates fielded by each party.
Summary Tabulations

Party Vote Totals, Nationally [XLS]
Party Vote Totals, By District [XLS]
Party Seats Totals, Nationally [XLS]
Party Seats Totals, By District  [XLS]


Candidate Performance

(1) Some Essential Aspects of the Candidates: These tables provide, for each District, information on a candidate's party, incumbency, prior parliamentary service, dual candidacy and the share of the candidate’s votes in the District. The files cover the following election years [XLS]: 

(2) Candidates' Votes, Count by Count: These are detailed tabulations similar to those produced after each election by the Electoral Commission in their “Declarations of Result of Poll”. They give the name and party of each candidate in each District contest and then the number of votes received and transferred on every successive count.


Vote Transfers

The process of transferring votes from and to candidates is a distinguishing and essential feature of the single-transferable-vote system. You can consult various files which provide the data on transferred votes.


Some Related Files