Candidates in National Elections

All Candidates

Alphabetical lists of all candidates from 1921 to 2013
Their names and titles; their political party; each year and district in which they contested; whether they won a seat directly or through casual election; and an indication of their resignation or death in office.

An alphabetical list of all winning candidates from 1921 to 2013 [XLS]
Their names and party affiliation, with a tabular account of the year(s) in which they won a seat.

There is a ranked listing [XLS] of the almost four thousand candidacies, according to the percentage of the quota each achieved on the first count.

Patterns and Deviations

Number of Candidates and Candidacies Per Seat, 1921 - 2013 [XLS]
Table and graphic showing the number of candidates in each election, plus some comments and graphics regarding the excessive number of candidates fielded by the political parties. 

Dual Candidacies [XLS]
Table and graphic, and a comment, on candidates contesting two election districts simultaneously.

Tabulation of the number of candidacies, 1924 - 2013, according to the frequency with which candidates contested successive elections.

Figures and a comment on incumbent legislators and their persistence in seeking re-election.

Candidates with Changed Party Affiliations [XLS]
A (tentative) listing of candidates who competed in different elections but under changed party banners. This phenomenon occurred primarily in the multi-party period of the 1950s and 1960s.

Some Extreme Cases: The most successful [XLS] and the least successful [XLS] candidacies since 1921. The measure of success here is the percentage of the quota achieved on the first count.

Women Candidates

Alphabetical list of all women candidates [XLS] with their records of electoral success.

Women's Shares of Candidacies and Legislative Seats [XLS] - Table and graphic depicting pattern of electoral participation and success.

Men and Women Candidates: Their Respective Successes [XLS] - Table and graphic comparing participation and success rates by gender.

The Election of Women in Malta [PDF] - A full-length article covering the period 1947 - 1992.