Parliament and Government

This section contains:

Election and Dissolution Dates and the Duration of Parliaments [XLS]
Tabulation of the life cycles of parliaments since 1921.

The Composition of Parliaments [XLS]
This rather large file provides a listing, separately for each legislative period since 1921, of all members who were seated.

Governments and Opposition [XLS]
Table, graph and comment on the size of governmental majorities and the notion of a "mandate" by the voters.

A Distinctive Feature of the Maltese Parliament [XLS]
A tabulation comparing the Maltese parliament with other European parliaments, in respect to the presence and strength of political parties.

Data on the large number of incumbents who wish to return (and usually do) to serve for another legislative term, and the impact of this pattern on the composition of the legislature.

Professional Groups in Parliament [PDF]
A graph showing the percentage of parliamentary seats occupied by persons from the legal, medical, architectural and pharmaceutical professions.

Deaths and Resignations and Parliamentary Longevity [XLS]
A list of the 60 parliamentarians who resigned or died in office since 1921, with dates and the names of their successors. The table on "parliamentary longevity" is a listing of the longest-serving parliamentarians.

Results of "Casual Elections" [XLS]
A tabulation of (a) the persons who - having won two seats in an election - vacated one of the seats and of (b) the persons who filled these vacated seats.