Instructions to authors

Instructions to authors

Authors may submit their research for publication in the journal Symposia Melitensia under the following publication typologies:
  • Commentary: This position paper of between 1,000 and 1,500 words (up to 3 pages) typically presents an argument or an academic opinion about an issue. The commentary needs to convince the audience that the opinion presented is valid and warrants attention. 
  • Peer Reviewed Short Report:  This short communication paper of between 2,500 and 4,000 words (up to 7 pages) enables authors to communicate a brief report of data from their original research.  Through this paper the author/s will emphasise the importance of the issues discussed which may stimulate further research in the field.  Usually it has the format of a long paper, however the results and discussion are merged.
  • Peer Reviewed Original Research Article: This paper of 5,000 to 6,000 words (up to 12 pages) should include a detailed study reporting original research or a review paper. This paper needs to present an advancement and/or contribution to knowledge.
  • Those authors submitting a paper in a language other than English may submit their paper for consideration according to the above criteria for inclusion in the Supplementary Section of the journal Symposia Melitensia.

Each submission for publication must contain a title, name of author(s), email address(es) and institutional affiliation(s) together with an abstract of up to 200 words and 4 to 7 keywords written on the first page. The paper should start from the second page so that the rest of the document would be anonymised. It should be written in such a way that the identity of the author is not evident.

All documents need to be submitted in word format, Calibri 10, single spaced and justified including references. Authors need to make use of the Harvard style as described here.

Figures and tables should be placed as close to their reference point in the text as possible. All figures and tables must have titles and must be referenced within the text.

All submitted documents must be in black and white including hyperlinks as well as any images and graphs; the latter can only be included if their resolution is higher than 300dpi. All images must indicate their sources and/or copyright permission. Images must be inserted as picture files (.gif, .jpg, .bmp, .pct, .png, .psd). Papers should be submitted only as .doc or .rtf attachments and not in pdf format. If the document is not in line with the above, it will be resent to the author/s.