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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1966Dental irregularities in identical twinsBoffa, Charles J.
1987-03The development of speech and expressionBoffa, Charles J.
1986-03Effects of certain diseases and drugs on dental-oral tissuesBoffa, Charles J.
1989Hagret il-General : a reminder of a medicinal plantBoffa, Charles J.
1991Hagret il-General : an islet with past medical linksBoffa, Charles J.
1989Halitosis : some dental, oral and systematic aspectsBoffa, Charles J.
2007-06The human dimension : emerging factors over the agesBoffa, Charles J.
2006-06The human fabric in antiquity and other facetsBoffa, Charles J.
1978Malta in World War II : the blitz beginsBoffa, Charles J.
2007-12Man and the pageant of life : a mosaicBoffa, Charles J.
2005-06Man in antiquity and much later time capsulesBoffa, Charles J.
1970A note on an old mandibleBoffa, Charles J.
1987-11Observations on dental-oral health conditions of Gharb schoolchildrenBoffa, Charles J.
1984Occlusion, mastication and the temporomandibular jointBoffa, Charles J.
2009-12The pageant of life and other facetsBoffa, Charles J.
2003-12Some aspects of the ancient human past and trepanation of the skullBoffa, Charles J.
2005-12Tuberculosis in Malta : some historical facetsBoffa, Charles J.
1968Union of maxillary second and third molarBoffa, Charles J.
2006-12The use of leeches in medicineBoffa, Charles J.
2005-06The uses of plants and herbs in medicineBoffa, Charles J.