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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019An adaptive transport management approach using imitation learningBugeja, Mark; Dingli, Alexiei; Attard, Maria; Seychell, Dylan
2019An analysis on the factors leading to take life insuranceAttard, Maria
2020Assessing spatial and social dimensions of shared bicycle use in a Southern European island context : the case of Las Palmas de Gran CanariaMaas, Suzanne; Attard, Maria; Caruana, Mark Anthony
2012The case of Valletta, MaltaAttard, Maria; Buhagiar, Vincent
2015Climate change and its impacts on elderly road users in Malta : a call for new policies?Mifsud, Deborah; Attard, Maria; Ison, Stephen G.
2020Comparison of vehicle detection techniques applied to IP camera video feeds for use in intelligent transport systemsBugeja, Mark; Dingli, Alexiei; Attard, Maria; Seychell, Dylan
2013Computationally efficient estimation of high-dimension autoregressive models : with application to air pollution in MaltaChetcuti Zammit, Luana; Scerri, Kenneth; Attard, Maria; Bajada, Therese
2015Congestion in Malta : the implications on climate changeAttard, Maria; von Brockdorff, Philip; Bezzina, Frank; Mifsud, Deborah
2010-06Dar Ġużeppa Debono ... dar il-ħajjaAttard, Francesco Pio; Attard, Maria
2022A decade following the Malta bus reform : attitudes towards service qualityBajada, Therese; Attard, Maria
2021The effects of risk management on performance of Euro Mediterranean insurance firmsAttard, Maria; Caruana, Yanica; Dalli Gonzi, Rebecca; Galea, Chantelle; Girlando, Alessandra; Grech, Janice; Soar, Aliscia; Teuma, Joseph; Vella, Daniela; Grima, Simon
2015The effects of road user charges in the context of weak parking policies : the case of MaltaAttard, Maria; Ison, Stephen G.
2009Environment and health performance review : MaltaRobbel, Nathalie; Licari, Lucianne; Kahlmeier, Sonja; Attard, Maria; Attard, Sharon; Attard Kingswell, John; Axisa, Nadine; Azzopardi Muscat, Natasha; Baluci, Christine; Bhikha, Tilluck; Bonello, Hadrian; Bonello, Philip; Bonnici, Charles; Bonnici, Jason; Borg, Michelle; Borg, Simon; Brejza, Paul; Briguglio, Marie; Buttigieg, Charles; Calleja, Neville; Camilleri, Alex; Camilleri, Marguerite; Camilleri, Tristan; Cassar, Mario; Cordina, Darren; Cordina, Peter; DeBono, Mary Rose; Giorgio, Joseph De; Ellul, Maria; Farrugia, Silvio; Galdies, Charles; Galea, Roberta; Gambin, Albert; Gatt, Anthony; Gatt, Pierre; Gauci, Charmaine; Gauci, Joseph; Grech, Miriam; Mallia, Adrian; Mamo, Julian; Mangion, John; Mangion, Marie-Louise; Mercieca, Kevin; Mifsud, Stephen; Muscat, Marc; Pace, Lucienne; Pulis, David; Rizzo, Miraine; Saliba, Stephen; Sammut, Anthony; Scicluna, Kenneth; Stafrace, Lucien; Tonna, Clive; Vassallo, Bernard; Vincenti, Karen; Xuereb, Anthony; Yeomans, Matthew; Zammit, Carmen
2017The environment in the provision of transportAttard, Maria
2008Exploring the shortest route options : applying environmental indicators to calculating shortest routePulis, Matthew; Attard, Maria
2015The external costs of passenger and commercial vehicles use in MaltaAttard, Maria; von Brockdorff, Philip; Bezzina, Frank
2019A framework for queryable video analysis : a case-study on transport modellingBugeja, Mark; Dingli, Alexiei; Attard, Maria; Seychell, Dylan
2014Gendered mobility in Malta : influencing factors on travel choicesAttard, Maria; Bezzina, Frank
2015-12The impact of global environmental change on transport in MaltaAttard, Maria
2010The implementation of road user charging and the lessons learnt : the case of Valletta, MaltaAttard, Maria; Ison, Stephen G.