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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Acute liver impairment in a young, healthy athlete : hypoxic hepatitis and rhabdomyolysis following heat strokeAzzopardi, Neville; Chetcuti, Stephania; Sant, Jessica; Pocock, James
2014Cystic Lesions of the PancreasAzzopardi, Neville
2013Diarrhoeal episodes in travellers suffering from IBDEllul, Pierre; Fenech, Valerie Anne; Azzopardi, Christine; Callus, Lara; Delicata, Nicholas; Muscat, Jeffrey; Azzopardi, Neville; Vassallo, Mario
2011A difficult case of Crohn’s disease?Azzopardi, Neville; Ellul, Pierre; Attard, Thomas; Attard, Jason; DeGaetano, James; Vassallo, Mario; Piscopo, Tonio
2014Disease location and severity may predict Vitamin D deficiency in Crohn'sAzzopardi, Neville; Ellul, Pierre
2013Does smoking increase the need for the use of immunomodulator treatment in Crohn's disease patients?Ellul, Pierre; Saliba, Christian; Azzopardi, Neville; Grech Margueurat, D.; LaFerla, Godfrey; Grech, Godfrey
2012Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography stents : indications, risks and novel usesAzzopardi, Neville
2013Endoscopic ultrasound in the staging of gastrointestinal luminal malignanciesAzzopardi, Neville
2019Fibrinogen measurement in liver disease : validation of the functional fibrinogen thromboelastography assay and a novel mathematical predictive modelRizzo, Kirsty; Zammit, Daniel; Gatt, Peter; Grima, Charlie; Borg Inguanez, Monique; Gerada, Jurgen; Ellul, Pierre; Vassallo, Mario; Azzopardi, Neville; Pocock, James; Gatt, Alexander; Vella, Kevin
2018-10Gastroscopic pancreatic necrosectomy : reporting the first two cases performed at Mater Dei HospitalGrech, Neil; Xuereb, Sarah; Carabott, Kurt; Azzopardi, Neville; Gerada, Jurgen; Abela, Jo Etienne
2016Genetic and serological markers in identifying unclassified colitisFenech, Valerie Anne; Schembri, John; Ellul, Pierre; Grech, Godfrey; Azzopardi, Neville
2014The great pretender : Autoimmune PancreatitisAzzopardi, Neville
2012Infliximab, osteoporosis and osteopoenia in Crohn’s diseaseAzzopardi, Neville; Ellul, Pierre; Saliba, Christian; LaFerla, Godfrey; Grech, Godfrey
2014The influence of innate and adaptive immunity on Crohn’s disease severityAzzopardi, Neville; Sacco, Keith; Grech, Godfrey
2014Iron deficiency in Crohn's disease : iron supplementation or disease control?Azzopardi, Neville; Ellul, Pierre
2016Letter : abnormal bone densitometry in patients with coeliac disease : beyond malabsorption and sunlight exposureEllul, Pierre; Schembri, John; Torpiano, Paul; Borg, J.; Azzopardi, Neville
2013The management of patients positive to hepatitis C virus antibody in MaltaBrincat, Anthea; Azzopardi, Neville; Deguara, Maria; Mifsud Taliana, Kelly; Rogers, Marilyn; Pocock, James
2012NOD2/CARD15 mutations and phenotypic expression of Crohn’s disease in MaltaEllul, Pierre; Azzopardi, Neville; Saliba, Christian; Grech Marguerat, Deborah; LaFerla, Godfrey; Grech, Godfrey
2013Non-Invasive monitoring of Inflammatory Bowel Disease : time to use newer tools?Azzopardi, Neville
2016Osteoporosis / Osteopoenia in Crohn's disease patients expressing the ATG16L1 gene variantsAzzopardi, Neville