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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Age-related changes in the respiratory systemLesauskaite, Vita; Ebejer, Martin J.
1993The air we breatheEbejer, Martin J.
1996Antibiotic prescribing on two medical wards at St Luke’s Hospital : what scope for improvement?Ebejer, Martin J.; Fenech, Frederick F.; Schiavone, M.; Vella, Patricia
1995Clinical and financial consequences of setting up an asthma clinic at St. Luke’s HospitalEbejer, Martin J.; Galea Baron, A.; Ellul-Micallef, Roger; Fenech, Frederick F.
2001-12A contribution to the knowledge of the Ephydroidea (Diptera : Camillidae, Campichoetidae and Drosophilidae) of MaltaEbejer, Martin J.
2015The Craneflies (Diptera, Tipulidae and Limoniidae) and Winter Gnats (Diptera, Trichoceridae) of MaltaEbejer, Martin J.
2012Diptera Carnoidea of the Maltese IslandsEbejer, Martin J.
2012The familes Lonchopteridae, Opetiidae and Pipunculidae of Malta (Diptera, Aschiza)Ebejer, Martin J.
2000-12First records of Dixidae (Diptera, Nematocera) from MaltaEbejer, Martin J.
2008A further two species of snail-killing flies (Diptera : Sciomyzidae) from the Maltese IslandsGatt, Paul; Ebejer, Martin J.
1995-03The hoverflies of Malta (Diptera, Syrphidae) : new records and correctionsEbejer, Martin J.
1992Id-Dubbien SaqqariEbejer, Martin J.
2001Mutation screening of the muscarinic M2 and M3 receptor genes in normal and asthmatic subjectsFenech, Anthony G.; Ebejer, Martin J.; Felice, Alex E.; Ellul-Micallef, Roger; Hall, Ian P.
2011A note on some Rhinophoridae from the Mediterranean Region (Diptera)Ebejer, Martin J.
1995-03Notes and new records of the larger Brachycera (Diptera) of MaltaEbejer, Martin J.
2004Novel polymorphisms influencing transcription of the human CHRM2 gene in airway smooth muscleFenech, Anthony G.; Billington, Charlotte K.; Swan, Caroline; Richards, Susan; Hunter, Therese; Ebejer, Martin J.; Felice, Alex E.; Ellul-Micallef, Roger; Hall, Ian P.
2015The picture-winged flies and related families (Diptera, Tephritoidea) of the Maltese IslandsEbejer, Martin J.
2015A short note on additional records of fruitfly (Diptera, Drosophilidae) from MaltaEbejer, Martin J.
1995-03The snail-killing fly Pherbellia cinerella (Fallen) in MaltaEbejer, Martin J.
1996Tuberculosis in Malta in the 21st centuryEbejer, Martin J.